Kicked Up Texas Caviar for #SundaySupper

Kicked Up Texas Caviar

I don't know about you, but when it comes time for the big game and big game parties, I am all about the food. Getting together with friends and family for a game day gathering is so much better when fantastic finger foods are involved. For today's Sunday Supper with Gallo Family Vineyards, I am bringing a big bowl of Kicked Up Texas Caviar for all to enjoy! Texas caviar has been served at my house ever since I can remember. My mom would make a big batch every year for New Year's Day since it is filled with black eyed peas (for good luck), but now it has become a favorite dip for parties. It is so easy to put together, it's filled with bright colors, it features different textures, and it pleases a crowd every single time. I love that I can put together a batch of Texas caviar the night before the big party, and simply pull it out at game time to serve with a big bowl of tortilla chips. But for as many times as I've served Texas caviar at parties, it is time to kick it up ...

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Greek salad with potato salad

Greek Salad with Potato Salad for #SundaySupper

Are there dishes in particular that embody your hometown? Are there special foods that you can find only in that area? We are celebrating everything “hometown food” today for Sunday Supper, and I am bringing along my Greek Salad with Potato Salad for the fun! To be honest, I am not sure which city/town you…

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