Watch the Holiday Hangout!

I know I mentioned it on Wednesday, but if you weren’t able to join us live on our Holiday Hangout with OXO that evening, never fear! The video is available for you to watch. We shared holiday cooking tips, tricks, and (of course) tools to help you make some fabulous meals!


OXO tools
The video involves a demo of four different OXO tools – the potato ricer, their simple mandoline, the poultry lifter, and the twine dispenser! They’ll help you create your main course, side dishes, and can be used year round…not just at the holidays!

How to make your mascara last!

Do you get frustrated when your mascara tube starts to get a bit dry and clumpy after a few weeks of use? I do. I thought I’d share an easy trick to fix it and make your mascara last longer! I have been using this trick for a long time…I can’t even remember who originally told me about it, but I’m glad it was shared with me. I’m passing it along in the hope it will be useful for you as well!

Do you have any tips and tricks you use to make your mascara or other makeup last longer? Tell me!

P.S. – I’m venturing into the idea of making more video content for the site…bear along with me as I learn the ropes!

Lucia smiles

I have to share this video with you today, because it is just too funny.

I’ll set it up for you a bit: I had been trying to teach Lucia to “smile” for a few weeks, but I’d given up because she just wasn’t responding to the training. Usually, Lucia picks up new tricks with only a few attempts, so I had been a little downtrodden that I’d failed.

When I arrived home from work one day last week, I quickly realized that Lucia had stuck her nose into the laundry bin again. Darn it! As you might recall, Lucia seems to feel quite guilty when she does something wrong…and she immediately began to diffuse the situation by miraculously remembering how to do her “smile” trick. That punk…

Is it just me, or do I have the most manipulative dog ever?

Furbaby Friday

So, all of a sudden a few weeks ago, I came home to find that Lucia had pulled apart some of the laundry bin (I hadn’t finished doing the laundry the night before and had left the bin in the middle of the living room – it’s usually in our bedroom, where Lucia is not allowed to go). There were a few items scattered across the living room floor. Ah, geez. It took a little while to get her to stop that habit, because I wasn’t catching her in the act to tell her “no.” The second time I came home to find laundry on the living room floor (yeah, apparently I didn’t learn the first time), I had to take a video. Lucia KNEW she had been bad…you could see it in her eyes! The shame.

So – do your pets know when they’ve done something wrong? And…is it just me, but when you see that guilty look in their eyes, do you immediately want to forgive them?!?!

Happy Friday everyone!