Locale Market St. Petersburg

Locale Market fresh produce shelves

I’m going to come right out and admit it: my blog posts have been on the sparse side recently. The past month (the entire month of December, really) was pretty much insanity for me, and now that 2015 has begun I am hoping that life returns itself to a more “normal” status. A fresh start for the new year, perhaps? I’ll get into more of the details on what I’ve been up to very soon (oh, the mystery….). Anyway, one of the events on my calendar a few weeks ago was the opening of the brand new Locale Market in St. Petersburg.

Locale Market fresh seafood king crab

And wow. Wow wow wow. I honestly didn’t think our area would be fancy enough to have a foodie establishment like this one, but it’s here, and it’s open! Locale Market is a two story wonderland of food, drink, and foodie fun. I was lucky enough to grab a sneak preview the night before the grand opening, and it was quite a fabulous time!

Locale Market produce

Locale Market Fresh Seafood crabs shrimp

Locale Market salt locker

I don’t even know where to start with the delights that can be discovered inside. The produce section is beautifully displayed with bright pops of color. The seafood cases are arranged with skill. The meat case is accompanied by a dry aging room with a Himalayan salt WALL.

Locale Market Italian Food Co

Personally, I love the fresh pasta and mozzarella being created downstairs. I could just stand by and watch them create those delights all day. All you need is a bottle of wine to go with it, and dinner’s ready…

Locale Market fresh cheese

Locale Market bread and cheese

Locale Market chocolate

Locale Market desserts

And I can’t forget about cheese. I could live at the cheese area up on the second floor…right across from the chocolate counter and the case filled with decadent desserts. Hold me.

Locale Market St Petersburger

Locale Market Farmtable Kitchen

Locale Market Farmtable Kitchen details

Not only do you have the ability to shop for your home cooking endeavors at Locale Market, but you can choose to dine there as well. From their St. Petersburger to fresh coffee, to homemade gelato and ice cream, you can enjoy a plethora of options. You can even make a reservation to dine at their Farmtable Kitchen located upstairs. I can’t get over how gorgeous the dining area is! Can I just pick it up and place it in my home?

Locale Market Chef Selections

Locale Market books

Locale Market retail

I love how Locale Market also offers a plethora of tools for the kitchen. From books filled with scrumptious recipes, to kitchen gadgets, to beautiful tea towels for kitchen decor, there are so many beautiful items to consider. I was in awe of how beautifully it was all displayed as well – almost too pretty to take apart!

Another aspect I love? The owners have worked with farmers from the area to bring in locally sourced products, which I am totally on board with! I enjoy discovering new products and companies in the area, and I will be keeping my eyes peeled on future trips to the market to see what I can find!

Locale Market is located at 179 2nd Avenue North in St. Petersburg, FL. You can follow the foodie fun on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!

Yard of Ale Gastropub Clearwater

Isn’t it exciting when new restaurants or attractions open up near to you? I am always on the lookout for new places to eat, and I had the pleasure of being invited to Yard of Ale Gastro Pub in Clearwater recently. This is their newest location, and I love that it is a bit more accessible to me. Not only is it closer to me, but it also has a great atmosphere and vibe! I mean, how cool is that curved wooden wall in one of the rooms we visited? You can also sit outside and enjoy a cocktail on the patio, sit indoors and watch one of the many TV screens on the walls, and even attend events.

Yard Of Ale Clearwater

Anyway, a group of us were treated to a food and drink pairing, and it was absolutely impressive! I have to admit: at first I would have thought we’d be dining on chicken wings and other fried food. I was dead wrong. Yard of Ale Gastropub is what it’s name implies. There is American fusion cuisine ranging from classic pub food to hearty entrees with a twist, a huge selection of beer, and craft cocktails too.


We began our culinary tour with fried shrimp topped with Thai chili, arugula, and sriracha, paired with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. What a way to start strong! This was one of my favorites of the evening. I could have eaten an entire plate of these bad boys all on my own. Yum.

crab cake

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Chocolate Showpiece, Chocolate Tempering, and Foodie Night at William Dean Chocolate

Last Thursday, William Dean Chocolates hosted yet another amazing event fit for foodies. It included a chocolate showpiece presentation, a chocolate tempering demonstration, and (of course) a lot of savory and sweet treats! You really can’t go wrong with that combination…

William Dean Chocolate Showpiece night

As guests entered the kitchen, their eyes were met with tables piled with beautifully plated bites.

William Dean Chocolate Showpiece night

William Dean Chocolate Showpiece night

There was a beautiful meat and cheese spread, as well as a five spice butternut squash terrine with a fig and mint ganache, balsamic cherries, and a white chocolate cream. Talk about a good start to an evening…

William Dean Chocolate Showpiece night

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Clearwater Beach Uncorked 2014

After spending seemingly the entire week in a funk because of sickness, I somehow (miraculously) managed to nurse myself back to health in time for the weekend’s festivities. I had plans to attend Clearwater Beach Uncorked, and darn it, I needed to be in good health!

We attended the very first Uncorked event back in 2012 and had an enjoyable time, so Justin and I were looking forward to experiencing how the event has grown over the past two years. Clearwater Beach Uncorked is a yearly event that takes place outside under a tent on Clearwater Beach (in front of the Hyatt); a perfect location to wiggle your toes in the soft white sand. Attendees are treated to food from local restaurants, wine (of course), some spirits, and food related products. This year, a DJ played music to keep the mood light, and merriment ensued as guests moved from table to table.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Wine

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