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Greek Salad Grilled Cheese for #SundaySupper

Did you know? The month of April happens to be National Grilled Cheese Month! That seems like cause to celebrate, if you ask me!

Greek Salad Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of those comfort foods I can’t get enough of. I have fond memories from childhood – my grilled cheese sandwiches were most likely made with American cheese slices and soft white bread. There’s something so nostalgic about it and I’m sure it would still taste yummy nowadays…dipped in some tomato soup, perhaps? However, fancy grilled cheeses have been all the rage lately, and the flavor combinations seem endless. Grilled cheese is much more than just white bread and cheddar, and the Sunday Supper crew is going to introduce you to some awesome sandwich ideas today.

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Vegetable Enchilada Lasagna

I did it again: I made another lasagna that seemingly weighed in at 20 pounds.

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but hey: saying this one feeds a crowd is not a stretch whatsoever. It’s funny how adding a few ingredients here and there adds up to an enormous end product.

Vegetable enchilada lasagna

As much as I love Italian food, I thought I’d switch it up with a more Mexican style meal. I love enchiladas, but sometimes I get frustrated with the individual rolling of each piece. Why not just layer all of the goodies lasagna-style? The flavors and texture are the same, but the process is easier (for me at least). Of course, you have the ability to customize your enchilada lasagna to your taste preferences. You could add meat (I wanted to keep mine vegetarian), some black beans, maybe a few leaves of spinach…so many choices. I will say that I was very pleased with the flavor combination I created with these ingredients. I served my slices up with a light spring mix salad tossed with honey lime vinaigrette. It definitely has me thinking of summertime (tacos/Mexican food always does for me)!

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Weeknight Carbonara (for one)

Truth: as much as I’d like to photograph all of the recipes I’ve created at home and share them on the site, it just doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes there are things I create on a whim…without a recipe…never to be remembered again (except for how they tasted). And maybe an iPhone picture or two…like I have today.

The other day, Justin and I were trying to get rid of some of the leftovers in the fridge to serve as our dinner. Things worked out easily for him: there was leftover pork tenderloin from a previous meal for him to prepare. Since there wasn’t enough for two, I stood in front of my pantry/refrigerator and began pondering what I could come up with, other than a bowl of noodles with tomato sauce on top.

carbonara 2

Then, I noticed Justin had two slices of leftover lunch meat ham from making sandwiches that day. The wheels began to turn…I didn’t have bacon or prosciutto, but the ham could be a substitute…I checked the freezer: green peas! A few more things to check: a carton of eggs and parmesan cheese were in the fridge. Ladies and gents: I was going to create a makeshift carbonara for dinner.

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Grilled Pepperoni Pizza for #SundaySupper

Every good meal has a story that goes with it. Don’t you think? I happen to believe that to be true at least! For me, it doesn’t have to be an epic story with a funny twist ending. There doesn’t have to be a lot of flash and pizzazz involved. The story behind my grilled pizza isn’t so much about this particular recipe, but about pizza itself.

grilled pepperoni pizza

If you asked us right now what our favorite “go-to” weekend meal to make together happens to be, Justin and I would probably both tell you it’s pizza. But not just any old carry out pizza…homemade pizza. And this wasn’t always the case. I’ve always loved pizza, but it became our “thing” once Justin and I got together. I liked that we could customize it, it wasn’t too difficult to throw together, and it tasted so much better when it was fresh. We began having pizza probably about once a week it seemed. It just so happens that Justin admitted he barely ever ate pizza before I came around. Talk about a big switch: from little to no pizza in his life to it being pretty much a staple in our weekly menu! It’s a good thing he likes it, because I don’t plan on stopping my pizza creations any time soon. So many options…

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