August 1, 2014

Are you ready for it to be Friday/the weekend? I have to say, after two weekends filled with traveling I am quite glad to have a quiet weekend at home to (maybe) relax a little bit. If only I could be as relaxed as Sherman. I’ve been catching my little furbaby sleeping around the house quite a bit lately. There really must be something great about sleeping in sunbeams, because I seem to find him in the same spot quite often.

Furbaby Friday Sherman

I kind of feel like I am destined to plop down on the couch, or heck: even the floor, and just konk out for a while. Why is it so easy for my pups to get comfortable and snooze? Oh, to be able to relax so easily…

Furbaby Friday Sherman

And on another note: how in the world is it already AUGUST?!?! My mind hurts a bit just to think about it. The year is flying by and it is making me realize that I need to get into planning mode in a BIG way. Justin and I WILL be going on some sort of vacation next year. We haven’t gone on a trip just for us since our (belated) honeymoon…and our 5th wedding anniversary is next year….if that gives you any idea of how long it has been. It’s happening. I guess that means we should probably start planning though, huh? Where to go? What to do? Hmmmm…

Furbaby Friday Sherman

What will you be up to this weekend?

June 27, 2014

I thought it was time for yet another Furbaby Friday. I can’t help myself, you know? So…when I was at Home Goods a few weeks ago, I spotted a few packages of antler chews for the dogs. I brought home two of them for Lucia and Sherman; a small one for Sherman and a larger one for Lucia. I should have known it wouldn’t work out the way I intended. Of course, as soon as I presented the dogs with their proper sized antlers, they switched them. Lucia was all about the smaller antler, and proceeded to gnaw it to smithereens in less than an hour. Meanwhile, Sherman proudly dragged the large antler chew around behind him and got to work. Ridiculous little guy…claiming the big dog’s treat.

antler chews furbaby Friday

I don’t think Lucia was really thinking through for the long term. Once the smaller antler chew was devoured, she was left with nothing to munch on. She was relegated to watching her little brother as he happily chewed on the too-big-for-him antler. Giving me a skeptical look the entire time, of course. I mean, look at that eyebrow. I will say this about Lucia: she has an extremely patient spirit about her. I could see how jealous she was about Sherman’s chew, but she never made any moves to take it away from him. She just watched him longingly. The amount of torment she has to endure thanks to her new little brother is pretty amazing; he jumps on her, nips at her legs and ears, sleeps on her bed, and more. But she has never once been rough with him. They are certainly an odd couple.

antler chews furbaby Friday

The story of the antler chews does have a happy ending though. I was lucky enough to spot another larger antler chew on a return trip to Home Goods, so I picked up a new one for my forlorn furbaby. They are both the happy recipients of a large antler chew…even though Sherman looks quite comical as he attempts to chew his.

Do you have pups that share toys/treats?

June 6, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday was officially my first day of summer break. My list of “to-dos” is currently a mile long, but I’m looking forward to tackling all the projects I want to complete around our home in the upcoming weeks.

Sherman mixed breed
I’m also excited about being able to spend more time with my furbabies! I am quite sure Lucia and Sherman are happy to have someone around the house during the day. Of course, I’m looking forward to having a few moments throughout the week to take photos of them. Sherman is still getting used to the concept of having a camera around him, but I’d say he’s adjusting like a pro! I have to say: I think the picture above is one of my all time favorites. It captures Sherman’s personality perfectly. And…the one flopped ear. Oh, how I love that one ear that is always flopped over…

Lucia Australian Shepherd


What are you up to this weekend?

May 7, 2014

Partners in crime: that is definitely what these two are. I mean…come on now: look at those faces.

Lucia and Sherman

Lucia and Sherman have become a set of inseparable pals. Like any pet owner probably does, I most likely waste way too much of my time just watching the two of them play in the afternoon/evening. You can blame these two for the lack of blog posts lately.

Just kidding. You can blame that on my left hand. I seem to have acquired a bit of tendonitis in my left thumb, which has made it particularly difficult to do a few of my favorite things: typing, cooking, and going to the gym. I’ve had to say goodbye to weight training for a few weeks to give my wrist a rest (and I’m saying goodbye to all of the progress I’ve ever made in my arms/back/etc. Bummer). Handling heavy pots and pans with one hand is a bit of a challenge. And typing: well…the repetitive motion is not doing me any good. So I’ve been dutifully attempting to sit back a little bit and let the healing set in. It’s working so far: a few weeks ago, I was in enough pain that it was almost making me cry to move my hand. With a handy dandy hand brace thingamajig, I’m no longer feeling pain unless I strain my hand to do something. Apparently it takes weeks, possibly months, for a tendon to fully heal. So, we’ll see how this goes! In the meantime, enjoy this photo of my funny little pair of pups!