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Making the bathroom more bearable

There are a few rooms in our house that I have not previously given a preview of. You’ve seen our living/dining room, parts of my office (which is now even more put together: I’ll have to share some updates on that soon), our bedroom (or at least the paint we chose to use) and master bath, a glimpse of our kitchen, and a TINY peek into our second bedroom. However, I purposely left out one other room in our home: our second bathroom.

bathroom before

I never posted photos of the bathroom in the past because of my relative distaste for it. The size itself is nice; it features a shower/tub combo and a large sink/vanity area. However, the specifics within the room are an eyesore. The shower has a glass sliding door, and the previous owners must not have washed them regularly, as the glass is now etched with residue. I’ve tried scrubbing, I’ve tried some chemicals…it hasn’t really made anything budge. I don’t even want to look at it, and I certainly don’t like guests to look at it either.

bathroom before


Meet our new chandelier!

This one was a long time coming, folks! When we first moved into our house, some of the lighting choices were not my favorite. They were fine…they worked…but were not my style per se.

Old dining room chandelier

One of these light fixtures in particular was our dining room chandelier. It looked ok, but really wasn’t suited to our long, rectangular wood table in the space. Back when we first moved into the house, I had immediately marked this fixture for replacement. But I needed to find the perfect piece to decorate the space instead.

West Elm orb chandelier

It just so happened that I stumbled upon an orb chandelier at West Elm shortly after our move in date. I knew I loved it, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on the purchase at the time. I thought I’d take some time to mull it over and shop around before making any decisions. Well, that “mulling it over” period lasted almost a year.

West Elm Orb chandelier (more…)

Ch-ch-ch-changes…to the couch

I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to talk about our couch.

I know, I know: how exciting could a couch really be? I have to admit, the entire process of finding a couch I loved was long and drawn out. Consider me picky: it was difficult to find one that was the right color, the right fabric, the right cushion shape…

Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa

After months and months (I’m serious. How aggravating!) of looking, I finally spotted the perfect fit: the Lounge sofa from Crate & Barrel. The deep seats were probably my biggest draw – I can sit on the couch regularly, stretch my legs out, and only my feet hang off the edge (the seat is 46″ deep). It is SO comfortable. So, we went ahead and made the purchase in the chinchilla shaded fabric. The couch arrived about this time last year, and things were awesome.

Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa (more…)

Mona Lavender

First: I can’t believe it has been almost a year since we moved into our home. How did that amount of time pass by so quickly? Sometimes I look around the house and wonder how I managed to do so little over the course of the year. I JUST hung a painting on our living room wall a few weeks ago – it was the first item I hung on a wall. First thing. Almost a year after we moved in. The shame. But – that’s a story for another day.

before backyard landscaping

Today’s story is about our backyard. Thankfully, our front yard was looking pretty great when we moved in. The previous home owners kept everything up pretty well so there wasn’t much we needed to do other than maintain it. The backyard was also well kept, but it was lacking quite a bit in the landscaping department. I mean…it was looking kind of sad back behind our lanai. There was just a big, uneven span of old mulch and some randomly placed plants. It was kind of an eyesore, as that area runs along the entire back side of the house.

before backyard landscaping

The challenge we faced when it came down to deciding on what to put in that spot was the fact that our backyard is very shaded. That enormous tree that I love happens to provide shade to almost fence to fence back there. Justin and I really had to do some research to figure out what plants we could put in the ground that would not require 6+ hours of sun a day. Most flowers were eliminated by that requirement, sadly.

mona lavender