June 18, 2014

So…yesterday was my birthday. I’ve officially entered into the final year of my 20s. It’s crazy to think how fast time has gone by. Wasn’t I just turning 21 yesterday???

It’s been a little while since a style post has appeared on the site. Here’s the thing: the last month or so of school I was just…not feeling so awesome. I had hurt my hand, which benched me from lifting weights at the gym like I was used to. My gym routine got completely messed up. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself; I hate running, so taking that up as an option just wasn’t going to work. Trying out classes where there would be a lot of impact involved wasn’t going to work either; my back doesn’t take kindly to jumping around. Oh, the signs of getting older, don’t you love it?

turquoise dress outfit

Anyway, the stress of the last month of school paired with incredibly reduced gym time = I was not interested in anyone taking a photo of me. Thankfully, the end of school has meant that my mornings have now opened up, and I’m able to try some new things during the day…like taking some Pure Barre classes. I already feel 100% better. The classes are not easy, but I’m able to do most everything even when my hand flares up a bit. Hopefully this is something that will stick long term, since it is definitely something I’ve enjoyed these past two weeks!

statement necklace

Moving on to the outfit today. Even though my typical attire during the summertime is pretty much yoga pants and a tee shirt, it only seemed appropriate to get dressed up for a nice dinner for my birthday. Justin and I went to Sidebern’s over in Tampa for a really awesome tasting menu experience. So so good. Of course, it wouldn’t be an outfit of mine if it didn’t involve Marshalls (and T.J. Maxx too) from head to toe. Seriously. Even this statement necklace…which is one of my newest obsessions.  I absolutely love that I can put together a fun outfit like this and not spend an exorbitant amount of money….since we may or may not have spent a good deal on my birthday dinner instead….

Do you like to dress up for your birthday?

turquoise dress outfit

Printed dress: purchased at Marshalls // Statement necklace: Lydell NYC, purchased at T.J. Maxx // Studded handbag: MMS, purchased at T.J. Maxx (similar at DSW) // Heels: Betsey Johnson, purchased at Marshalls



May 12, 2014

You better believe I’m getting my walking shoes ready this week: BlogHer Food 2014 is approaching rapidly! I’m excited to attend again, as it has been a few years since I was able to make it happen.

floral tank and jeans outift

Here’s the thing about conferences: you want to look cute, but you also need to consider comfort. Conference halls can involve a lot of walking, so a comfortable pair of shoes are key. I’m seriously thinking about wearing these Skyscapes for my time in the conference halls: they’ve been so comfortable to wear so far!

floral tank and jeans outift
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April 28, 2014

I’m sure we have all experienced it at one point or another: hesitation. It can sometimes be hard to take a leap of faith, change your schedule, or simply try something new. When I was younger, I was all about calculating risk…and I didn’t take many at all. Now, I am no daredevil nowadays, but I’ve been learning to say “yes” to opportunities that pass my way. I try to keep an open mind to new experiences; you never know what amazing things could come your way!

floral print top outfit

When it comes to confidence in fashion, I would be lying if I said I always feel fearless. As much as I love testing out new trends, sometimes it can be scary to try out something out of the ordinary. That is one of the many reasons why I love Marshalls. Shopping at Marshalls definitely allows me to be more confident with my fashion choices. I can test out a new style in a designer brand at an unbelievable price. Since I never break the bank with my purchases, I always walk out of the store with a smile on my face.

floral print top outfit

April 21, 2014

Do you have a pair of shoes perfect for your on the go tasks? In the past year or so, I’ve started to abandon some of my old footwear ways. Would I wear a pair of high heels to go grocery shopping or run errands? Yep. In a heartbeat. My footwear wardrobe consisted of mostly heels, with a few flats and a bunch of sandals mixed in. Since I live in Florida, flip flops are a staple pretty much year-round. In some cases, that is fantastic. However, they aren’t always the most practical or comfortable choice.

pink Reebok Skyscapes

I’m going to admit something right now: I have never been much of a “sneaker” person. I have always owned a pair of shoes to wear to the gym, but that is the only place you’d ever catch me wearing them. In my mind, it’s a reasonable situation. Gym shoes can look a bit clunky, and they aren’t necessarily stylish. You can’t really pair them with a cute outfit for the day. But oh, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could? I have to say, after being introduced to the Reebok Skyskapes, I might be changing my tune. They are so lightweight and comfortable, you’ll forget you have them on!

pink Reebok Skyscapes casual shorts outfit