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Relaxed floral and denim

So, my winter “uniform” this year consisted of leggings, dresses, and boots. If I were to describe my spring “uniform,” it would include items similar to my outfit today.

floral tank skinny jeans outfit

I’m attempting to get as much wear as possible out of my jeans before the Florida humidity kicks in. As soon as that happens, it becomes way too warm and uncomfortable to wear the thick fabric. I transition over to dresses, skirts, and shorts to allow my legs to breathe! But for now – I am enjoying every second of this type of outfit.

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On my wish list: the Janice Shift Dress by Lilly Pulitzer

Well, add another item to my wishlist, please! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of stopping by the brand new Lilly Pulitzer store in International Plaza (located right outside Neiman Marcus). I’ve had my eye on that retail space for a while now, wondering what it would become. I am glad to see such a lovely new addition to the mall.

My love for Lilly Pulitzer goes back quite a few years. I went to college in North Carolina – Lilly was a staple item for sorority girls to wear. I remember making a trek to the nearest Lilly Pulitzer retail store in the spring to pick out my graduation dress…pretty much every single girl ended up wearing one; it seemed like tradition! However, as much as the quirky prints and pops of crazy colors are what my original experiences were, their lines have become more sophisticated recently. There are still quirky prints and colors, but you can also find an array of dresses, accessories, and other clothing that are a bit more refined.

Lilly Pulitzer Janice Shift

Like the Janice Shift Dress. As soon as I laid eyes on this beauty in blue and gold, my heart went pitter-patter. I love the gold swirled trim on the neckline – no necklace required for this dress! You could pair it with a set of gold flats for a more casual resort style, but I could also see it worn with some gold wedges or espadrilles as well. Did I dare try it on? Unfortunately, the blue version was not in my size, but the white one was! I was too curious NOT to step into the fitting room.

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Tiered Floral Fun

Our weather has been playing games with us in the past few weeks. It’s cold, then it warms up to the high 70s. Then it decides to dip back into the 50s. It doesn’t want to make up its mind lately!

JCrew floral tiered dress outfit

However, when the temps rise to the mid or high 70s it feels right to break out the springtime patterns. I feel like it is just about time to retire the darker winter attire. And this dress is a step in that direction for sure.

JCrew floral tiered dress outfit


J.Crew Toothpick Jeans: my recent splurge

Today I make a confession: I splurged on a relatively big fashion purchase (for me, at least). Never in my life have I spent over $100 on a pair of jeans. Until now.

JCrew Toothpick Jean outfit

My Toothpick jeans from J.Crew came into my life a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing them constantly ever since. As much as I love shopping, jeans have been one of those items I’ve detested hunting for. Finding a pair that fit in all the right places….that was made of a material with some stretch for comfort…a pair that didn’t ride so low on the hips I’d be mistaken for a plumber. I know I’m not alone out there; why is is that jeans can be so hard for women to shop for?

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