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My Kitchen Wish List

Do you have a wish list of items you hope to have in your kitchen? For me, the list could be expansive…I’m always seeing a new tool or gadget that makes me want to give it a test run.

The reality of the matter is that my kitchen is far too small to accommodate each and every kitchen item I’d like to own. So I pick and choose. It just so happens that I sold off some of my old pots and pans in a garage sale a few weeks ago…and the newly empty space in my cupboards has started to make the wheels in my head turn. Clearly, I’ll have to refill the space with some new and exciting kitchen items. But where to start? What would you choose? Today, I’m pondering a few items I think would be great…

pasta attachments

KitchenAid® Pasta Excellence Set. OR the Pasta Press attachment. Or both. Now that I have my KitchenAid stand mixer, I want to begin my attachment collection. I know this is a set I’d use in my home. Pasta party, anyone?


Paderno Spiralizer. It reminds me of the apple, peeler, corer, slicer my mom used to have from Pampered Chef years ago…but I totally want one. I love that you can use the spiralizer for all sorts of vegetables – zucchini, potatoes…and apples too! It’s nice that there are multiple blades with different widths; you can adjust depending on the type of food you are slicing. WANT!

de Buyer Viper Dicing Mandoline. Because I don’t have one. That seems wrong, doesn’t it?

kitchen wish list

A cast iron pan. Again: I don’t have one. It seems like a travesty.

Acrylic Presentation Ring Set by Curtis Stone. I. Love. These. Talk about a beautiful way to present salad, guacamole, towers of caprese salad, dessert…the list goes on. I would get a lot of use out of this set of 4 rings: I know it.

So – what is on YOUR kitchen wish list? Anything I should add?

Exciting TV!

Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to pop in today to share a quick video. Have you been watching the new  Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week? If you happened to watch Wednesday’s show, he debuted a segment called “Fallonventions” featuring young inventors and their creations. The third inventor happens to be one of my current students! She was spectacular on the show (and her dog might have stolen some hearts)…take a look if you haven’t already!

Have a great weekend!

Clearwater Beach Uncorked 2014

After spending seemingly the entire week in a funk because of sickness, I somehow (miraculously) managed to nurse myself back to health in time for the weekend’s festivities. I had plans to attend Clearwater Beach Uncorked, and darn it, I needed to be in good health!

We attended the very first Uncorked event back in 2012 and had an enjoyable time, so Justin and I were looking forward to experiencing how the event has grown over the past two years. Clearwater Beach Uncorked is a yearly event that takes place outside under a tent on Clearwater Beach (in front of the Hyatt); a perfect location to wiggle your toes in the soft white sand. Attendees are treated to food from local restaurants, wine (of course), some spirits, and food related products. This year, a DJ played music to keep the mood light, and merriment ensued as guests moved from table to table.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Wine (more…)