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On my wish list: the Janice Shift Dress by Lilly Pulitzer

Well, add another item to my wishlist, please! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of stopping by the brand new Lilly Pulitzer store in International Plaza (located right outside Neiman Marcus). I’ve had my eye on that retail space for a while now, wondering what it would become. I am glad to see such a lovely new addition to the mall.

My love for Lilly Pulitzer goes back quite a few years. I went to college in North Carolina – Lilly was a staple item for sorority girls to wear. I remember making a trek to the nearest Lilly Pulitzer retail store in the spring to pick out my graduation dress…pretty much every single girl ended up wearing one; it seemed like tradition! However, as much as the quirky prints and pops of crazy colors are what my original experiences were, their lines have become more sophisticated recently. There are still quirky prints and colors, but you can also find an array of dresses, accessories, and other clothing that are a bit more refined.

Lilly Pulitzer Janice Shift

Like the Janice Shift Dress. As soon as I laid eyes on this beauty in blue and gold, my heart went pitter-patter. I love the gold swirled trim on the neckline – no necklace required for this dress! You could pair it with a set of gold flats for a more casual resort style, but I could also see it worn with some gold wedges or espadrilles as well. Did I dare try it on? Unfortunately, the blue version was not in my size, but the white one was! I was too curious NOT to step into the fitting room.

Lilly Pulitzer Janice Shift (more…)

A hint of green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! I’m launching into my week of spring break, and there just might be a little shopping involved (not going to lie).

Today is a great excuse to peruse everything that has a little hint of green involved, don’t you think? From shamrock green to seafoam to emerald to mint, there are quite a few options to consider, and I’m loving quite a few. I rounded up a collection of my current springtime favorites to consider (18 of them, to be exact)! As always, they are affordable options…so get shopping, will you?

mint green style green patterned style green solid style (more…)

Pretty Patterned Scarves

Well, I went and got myself into a scarf kick. Go figure. It’s a dangerous accessory addiction, if I do say so. I could accumulate quite the collection of scarves, pashminas, and other wraps if left to my own devices. Solids, tasseled, floral, printed…you name it!

I love that scarves can be worn pretty much any time of the year, and they can add a great pop of print or color to a neutral outfit (much like the one I wore yesterday). Plus, many of them are very affordable, so they can be a cheap way to give new life to a wardrobe.

Today I have 20 of my favorite scarves from around the web. AND, they are all under $30 (with the exception of one)! You can’t beat it: which style of scarf would you select? I’m tied between #5 and #12 right now…

Neutral patterned scarves tassel scarves Pink and orange scarves Floral scarves Blue scarves (more…)

Statement Worthy

Sometimes trends make their way through the fashion ranks and fade into the distance a few months later. Sometimes I’m quite happy to see them go. However, every now and then there is a trend I love so much that I don’t want to part with it. One of those trends is the statement necklace. I’m glad to see that the style does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The particulars of the statement necklace seem to be changing over time, but the bold pieces themselves are staying put. Hooray!

I really love how you can don a statement necklace with a plain tee shirt and jeans and your outfit is instantly elevated. The necklaces can add an entirely new personality to your outfit, and they almost always result in eyes turning your direction as you pass. In celebration of the statement necklace’s enduring stay in the fashion world, I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorites at this moment in time. All of them are under $100, as always, and many of them are under $50.

Which would you choose?

First up – my top three picks from the collection:

Statement necklace favorites Insect 3-in-1 Statement Necklace: $48, Leith at Nordstrom. This one wins points for versatility. It is actually two separate pieces – they can be worn together as one bold statement, or if you prefer you can separate them. Three looks in one is an awesome idea to me!

Southwest Statement Necklace: $58, Natasha at Dillard’s. I’m a fan of the Southwestern flair to this piece, and I know the turquoise gems would pop against many colors…plus would look great against classic black.

Bird of Paradise Bib: $48, Baublebar. Could the colors be any more cheery? They are perfect for brightening up a winter day, but also will be fantastic once spring rolls around. And *hint hint* – I may or may not have spotted the identical necklace at a fancy department store…for $40 more. Identical piece but with a different label. I compared the photos because I couldn’t believe it…