New and improved: our TV stand, the IKEA Hemnes!

Are there pieces of furniture in your home you’ve happened to own for a while, but just can’t seem to get rid of?

I happen to be at the point where I’m at my wit’s end with a few of these items and it has been well past time to PURGE! When I moved into my very first apartment post-college, I remember picking up a bright red couch, chaise, and matching coffee table and end tables. Along with those pieces, I accumulated a big black TV stand, a headboard for my bed, and dressers for the bedroom. It was great for a girl in her early 20s, but piece by piece I’ve been trying to upgrade. The red couch and chaise/matching tables were the first pieces to go. Next up: the TV stand!

Old TV Stand

The TV unit was a bit of a difficult piece to replace for a bit. It was large, sturdy, and solid wood, so that was a big plus. But, the black color does not match the color scheme for our living room (I’m changing over to white pieces instead of dark/black). So Mr. TV Stand had to go! But – finding a unit of similar size and storage capability was a bit of a challenge. I liked how our old unit fit the wall almost perfectly across. Oh – don’t worry about those Christmas stockings you see hanging on the old unit; I happened to take those photos back in December when we knew we wanted to replace the unit. The Christmas decor has been put away for almost two months now!

IKEA Hemnes TV Stand

And then…as if IKEA knew I was in need of a new TV unit…they came out with a larger size of their Hemnes TV unit.

IKEA Hemnes TV Stand

They previously had a two drawer version, but it was too small. The three drawer? Hooray – it’s perfect! Absolutely perfect. It was an easy swap for the space for sure. The price was right as well.

antler candelabra

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the candelabras on the top of the cabinet, here’s a close up! I am oh so in love with them; they travel between the dining room table and the TV stand depending on my mood. And they were yet another amazing find from Marshalls – for $15 a piece! It was a no-brainer to take them home with me when I saw them on the shelves. The taper candles were also from Marshalls. They’re always a fantastic place to shop for candles. This pack of 6 only set me back $5…cheaper than if I picked up a set at the dollar store – how can you beat that?

Have you been sprucing up any parts of your house in anticipation of spring?


  1. says

    We have the Hemnes set in our living room, and had no idea there is now a bigger tv stand! We too opted for a different unit because the 2 drawer unit was too small. The husband won out the tv argument and we now have a 60″ which is a bit harder to accommodate in the stand department!

  2. Natalie says

    Hi! It looks very nice!
    May I ask you, what is the color and brand of the paint you have used for your walls, please?
    Thank you!

  3. Lauren says

    I just bought the same candle holder from TJ MAXX. Can you show me a picture of it on your dining table? I only bought 1 but now I might buy another one after seeing your pictures with the pair.

  4. Joel says


    Thanks for posting! I’m considering the Hemnes 3-drawer set from Ikea but I can’t find anywhere that tells me the dimensions of the open shelves above the drawers. I have a somewhat large home theater amplifier and I would like to make sure it fits. Could you share the height of those cabinets? Is there more clearance inside than you can see at the opening? I’m wondering if I could slip my amplifier in from the back if it fits inside but can’t make it through the front opening.


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