February 21, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to pop in today to share a quick video. Have you been watching the new  Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week? If you happened to watch Wednesday’s show, he debuted a segment called “Fallonventions” featuring young inventors and their creations. The third inventor happens to be one of my current students! She was spectacular on the show (and her dog might have stolen some hearts)…take a look if you haven’t already!

Have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “Exciting TV!”

  1. Kristie
    Twitter: mypaperlife

    That is so cool, Katie!! We watched it last night – so thankful On Demand has it LOL! We don’t stay up that late and are probably the last people on the planet without DVR. We thought she was so cute and funny, loved the dog too!

  2. Natalia says:

    That is so cool, and their inventions are all pretty cool.


  3. That’s so awesome that one of your students was on the show! Have a great weekend!

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