Ch-ch-ch-changes…to the couch

I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to talk about our couch.

I know, I know: how exciting could a couch really be? I have to admit, the entire process of finding a couch I loved was long and drawn out. Consider me picky: it was difficult to find one that was the right color, the right fabric, the right cushion shape…

Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa

After months and months (I’m serious. How aggravating!) of looking, I finally spotted the perfect fit: the Lounge sofa from Crate & Barrel. The deep seats were probably my biggest draw – I can sit on the couch regularly, stretch my legs out, and only my feet hang off the edge (the seat is 46″ deep). It is SO comfortable. So, we went ahead and made the purchase in the chinchilla shaded fabric. The couch arrived about this time last year, and things were awesome.

Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa

…until about 6 months in. I started to notice the couch cushion fabric was pilling. Little balls of fuzz were collecting on the cushions, making them look like an old sweater. I was beside myself: I had just spent a good chunk of change on this furniture piece and I did NOT think this should be happening. After calling Crate & Barrel to inquire, they informed me that the manufacturer had changed the fabric making process to fix that problem since we purchased the couch…and would I just like a new one?

Call me crazy, call overly cautious…I wasn’t going to risk that happening again. So, after working out the details with the ever so patient staff at Crate & Barrel, a new solution was reached. We decided the best plan of action would be to select a completely new fabric for the couch, which is exactly what I did. Of course, that was another process altogether, but once I laid eyes on this new fabric, I knew it was the one. I did, however, have to wait another three months for my couch to be ordered and constructed.

Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa fabric

Talk about a switcheroo. I’m going to go from a taupe/gray shade of fabric to a dusty blue. It just so happens that the couch is set to arrive next week. It’s been a long 6 months of waiting; I hope the new piece of furniture lives up to my expectations!

Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa

Although I am nervous, I am also confident that the new couch will suit our current wall color, as well as the new art piece on the wall. I found this abstract canvas at…where else? Home Goods! Justin and I walked down the aisle it was on, laid eyes on it, and I knew it had to come home with me. Heck, Justin even knew. That just fuels my personal stance on finding perfect decor: when I see the right thing, I just know it. I haven’t had as much success with purposely going out and searching for an item…it just needs to find its way to me. It might take me years to fully decorate my home, but gosh darn it, the pieces I put in will be just right!

Have you had to replace a new piece of furniture before?


    • Katie says

      I am the same way. I spend a LOT of time in TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls…and with good reason! I think 90% of my house is decorated with items from those stores…

  1. says

    GAH! I cannot believe the original fabric did that. Very cool of Crate to send you a new couch though. I am sure I have told you this before, I have practically the same exact couch and the color is the same as your original fabric. I love the color of the new couch!

  2. says

    I totally understand the stress of choosing a couch! As a young couple living in a condo, we knew whatever we purchased would have to be usable in our next home as well. We visited a million different stores, judging each couch on design, comfortability, fabric and how high the back was (amongst other things), and finally settle on a beautiful black leather sectional with a chic stitching design. I felt so relieved when it was all over with!

    • Katie says

      Seriously! I felt such a sense of relief once we found this couch…and I know it will feel the same way when the new replacement arrives. Justin and I have been joking that at least we got to have a “trial run” for almost a year with this current couch. We know we like it at least, and wanted to get the same one instead of switching it out for a different style!

  3. Lindsey Woodsmall says

    What was the new type of fabric you chose? My husband and I are looking into buying this couch and would love to avoid the whole pilling issue if at all possible. Ps- LOVE the new color!

    • Katie says

      So sorry for the delay in responding to you, Lindsey! The fabric pattern is called Demetrie, the color is Mist (from Crate & Barrel)!

      • Rachel says

        I had the same issue with this couch and we are in the process of working with C&B to get new fabric. Is the fabric you chose custom? I don’t see it on the website. Love this couch but so sad the fabric is so bad! You’d think they would get that changed by now!

        • Katie says

          So sorry for not seeing this comment earlier! Yes, the fabric I chose is custom. We were able to get the couch for even cheaper than we originally paid because we waited for their custom upholstery event to make the order. It was a bit of a pain to wait 2 months for that sale to happen, but in the end it was worth it!

          • Beth Fuller says

            One year later here but I have the same problem with TWO, yes TWO of these Lounge Sofas. Saved and saved and now we can’t even sit on them, they feel like sandpaper. Mine are blue and you can really see it!! Crate and Barrel are supposedly “getting back to me”. I could have bought 4 couches for the price of these two. Every time I look at them, it saddens me. So glad I found this post, there’s hope?

  4. Celieann says

    Same here how’s your new couch and the fabric I also ordered the ottoman and it ruined my floors with the cheep wheels(casters) on the bottom ,, will the let me order a different style or perhaps my money back!!!

    • Katie says

      I really love the new fabric and am so happy we changed it out. The color is definitely an upgrade, and I haven’t seen any pilling with this one. Whew!

      • Lisa says

        Hi Katie, I purchased this same exact couch and for $1700 I was highly disappointed in its performance when the pilling started shortly after using it. I’ve ONLY started the process with my local Crate and Barrel store regarding a solution. I’m glad I have your blog to arm me with the position that it needs to be replaced. Lisa 😉

        • Katie says

          Glad I can help in some way! It’s crazy how the pilling just got out of control like that. They said they’ve fixed the problem with the fabric since…but who knows. On a happy note, the new fabric I picked is absolutely wonderful! We’ve had the new couch since around Christmas…7 months…and it is much much better.

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