Caprese Kabobs with Balsamic Glaze

Annnnnd the summer caprese madness continues! You didn’t think I was finished yet, did you??? First it was a classic caprese, followed by a caprese salad with avocado. Now – caprese kabobs! Ah, the endless uses I am finding for the basil from my garden…

caprese kabobs

These skewered salads could not be easier to put together, and are a great treat to serve to your guests at a summer soiree. Or…any time of the year really. It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy these!

caprese kabobs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: food items on a stick are so fun! I don’t know why the simple addition of a wooden skewer can be so endearing, but it definitely is in my book.

caprese kabobs with balsamic

Anyway, the next time you’re bringing food to a gathering, think about whipping up a batch of these bad boys! And, if you’re looking for variety, you could also consider making some antipasto kabobs too!

What is your favorite food on a stick?

caprese kabobs with balsamic

Caprese Kabobs with Balsamic Glaze

***makes 20 kabobs***


20 bamboo skewers

40 cherry tomatoes

20 mini mozzarella balls (or mozzarella cut in 1 inch cubes)

20 fresh basil leaves

Cracked pepper


Balsamic glaze


1. Place ingredients on skewers – pierce one cherry tomato, followed by one mozzarella ball, a leaf of basil, and a final cherry tomato. Arrange skewers in a single layer on a tray or in a pan.

caprese kabobs

2. Sprinkle kabobs with salt and cracked pepper. Lightly drizzle balsamic glaze over the top of the kabobs, and serve!

caprese kabobs with balsamic


  1. says

    Those are so lovely. I think we might have a mutual obsession for caprese. So fresh and tasty. I wish I had a full garden…I’ve been snagging stuff from my brother’s garden every chance I get!!

    • Katie says

      Caprese is definitely my obsession right about now. If any recipe or dish at a restaurant has “caprese” in the title, I’ve got to have it!

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