Three Years

How in the world…

Carlouel Wedding Ceremony

It’s hard to believe that our wedding day was three years ago. How did time pass so quickly? Just the other day, I was in a store and mentioned I was purchasing something in preparation for my wedding anniversary. “Oh! Your first anniversary?” she asked. “No – third, actually!” She seemed surprised by my answer and noted that I must have been married very young, since I still look like a baby. Oh well! I am just glad to know that (sometimes) I look younger than my real age. It’s bound to catch up to me some day…

lace wedding dress and wedding makeup

Ah, that dress. That lovely lace dress. I had to have about 50 fittings for the darn thing. It ended up fitting like a glove, thank goodness. From the start, I said I would sell it after the wedding so another bride could enjoy it…but the dress still hangs in the closet in our guest bedroom. I’m torn – I’ve held onto it for this long, perhaps I should really decide what to do with it.

vintage inspired wedding details

I still remember the planning process for the wedding. We were married before Pinterest existed (hard to believe a day before that, right?), so I had to source my inspiration from other places. We ended up with a lot of personal DIY details (my grandmother made our table linens, we created our own photo booth wall, my mom and I sourced all of the vases for our floral arrangements, we created a wish tree guestbook…), but oh, the things I would have done had Pinterest been around to fuel the fire…

Sandpearl Wedding

So, happy anniversary to my love – it’s been a great three years. Here’s to many many more…

If you want to take a look back at our wedding, you can read about it in the archives!


  1. says

    Happy anniversary! I am the same with my dress but even worse since it is still in California and I do not want to pay to ship it here to Sweden but I still do not want to get rid of it!

  2. says

    Awe!! So sweet. Happy anniversary to you and Justin. The photo booth wall is adorable. Love the dress and love the shoes. You were stunning!

  3. Linda | The Urban Mrs says

    Happy anniversary, Katie! You look stunning and i love love love your photo booth wall. Very creative! Time flies…and I’m feeling guilty, too coz I still have my wedding dress hanging in the closet, lol. >.<

    • Katie says

      I am glad to know I’m not alone with the wedding dress situation! Perhaps one day we’ll make up our minds…

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