March 31, 2013

This Sunday, it’s all about citrus!

I don’t know about you, but my love for citrus runs deep. Perhaps the fact that I live in Florida is at fault for this. Citrus is so great for the sweet factor – key lime pie, anyone? Or, how about a fresh martini or margarita with squeezed lime juice and a twist? What I also love is the amazing brightness citrus can bring to savory dishes. From a squeeze of lime over the top of a taco, to a twist of lemon over the top of fish, you really can’t go wrong. And don’t get me started with the thought of making fresh guacamole with chopped tomatoes and lime…ok…I think I’ve made my point here: citrus and I are very good friends.

Honey Lime Salad Dressing 3

When the folks at Sunday Supper decided on a citrus theme for this week, it did not take me long to decide what I wanted to share. My mother has been making her version of this honey lime dressing for years now, and it is absolutely a favorite in our household. As soon as we start running low on this salad dressing in our kitchen, Justin is prompting me to make a new batch. It’s perfect for any salad with fresh veggies, but especially great in the salad I’ll be sharing with you this week (you can see a sneak peek of it today, of course).

Honey Lime Salad Dressing 2

This salad dressing is such a household favorite of ours, we actually gave the recipe to our wedding venue and had them create it to top the salad course at our wedding reception a few years ago. Even though I know the recipe by heart, I decided to do a little digging to find out where it originated from. Turns out: it’s from Disney’s Polynesian Resort’s Ohana restaurant. Who knew? I’ve never even been to the Ohana restaurant before! Even though it was a fan favorite, they apparently cut it from the menu this spring. My version is a slight adaptation from the original, however…don’t you love how you make things your own over time?

Anyway, make sure you whip up a batch of this salad dressing the next time you’re serving up some greens…and let me know how it tastes! I promise: it’s a winner.

What is your favorite way to enjoy citrus fruits?

Honey Lime Salad Dressing

Honey Lime Dressing

***adapted slightly from Disney’s Ohana Honey Lime Dressing***

Yields about 1 cup dressing (shown in the carafe pictured)


1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/8 cup lime juice (about 1/2 of a lime)

1/2 tsp lime zest (or other citrus zest)

1/8 cup diced yellow onion

1/2 tsp dry mustard

generous pinch of salt

1/2 cup canola oil (or other light oil preferred for salad dressing)


1. Combine honey, vinegar, lime juice, zest, onion, mustard, and salt (all ingredients except for the oil) in a food processor. Blend until smooth.

2. Slowly drizzle the oil into the food processor while pulsing to incorporate the oil. Dispense finished dressing into a carafe/sealed container.

3. Serve dressing immediately, or store in the refrigerator in the sealed container.


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25 Responses to “Honey Lime Dressing for #SundaySupper”

  1. I just…have to have this NOW!

    Thank you for participating this week!

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  6. Soni says:

    I love honey lime dressing but never tried making it at home! Thanks to your recipe I can now :) So yumm…

    • Katie says:

      I definitely don’t make a TON of different dressing recipes, but this one is such a hit in our house that it is a staple in the fridge. Italian, balsamic, honey lime, and sesame are pretty much all I use!

  7. This is speaking my language!!

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  10. I love this dressing! Totally going to give this one a try! love it!

  11. Mmm I can’t wait to make this dressing. It would go perfect on my salad tonight, but I don’t have enough honey! Must get more soon.

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  14. sunithi says:

    Love this simple zesty dressing ! Making a bottle of this so I can use it for my next salad. thanks for sharing & great pics !!

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