A Night at the Theatre

Today, we’re talking about the theatre! For Christmas, Justin surprised me with a pair of tickets! Specifically: tickets to Wicked, which just started at the Straz Center here in Tampa yesterday. I am so excited for the show: I’ve already seen it a few years ago when the tour came through to Miami (my mom and I made a little road trip!), but this will be Justin’s very first musical stage show EVER. Can you believe it? I thought Wicked would be a great introduction to that world, and hopefully we will continue going to more shows in the future! My parents used to take me to the theatre regularly, and I definitely miss it.

Anyway, a night at the theatre means an excuse to get dressed up! The show is not for 2 weeks, but I’m currently contemplating what I’d like to wear. There’s always the challenge of wanting to look sophisticated and stylish, yet still stay comfortable for sitting for a few hours. Since Wicked is such a fun show, I figure it’s ok to be a bit sassy in the wardrobe department. I like the idea of pairing a dress with a light jacket that can be removed (or put on) depending on the temperature. The graffiti print dress is such a fun graphic pattern with a bit of an edge, and the stretchy material would give some comfort. Plus, it isn’t so fancy that you wouldn’t be able to wear it dressed down in the future – I like versatility!

Graffiti tank dress: Topshop // Jewel bauble earrings: ASOS // Black tuxedo jacket: Dorothy Perkins // Envelope clutch with tassels: ASOS // Double stone ID bracelets: ASOS // J. Renee ‘Poppy’ pumps: Nordstrom

So – are you a fan of the theatre? What is the favorite stage show you’ve seen?



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