What to wear: jury duty

Another week has begun, and this week for me is a bit different. That would be because today I am reporting for jury duty. I somehow managed to go almost 10 years without receiving a jury summons, but my time finally has come. It will be an interesting day for sure…and we shall see if I get dismissed or am sat on a jury…

Anyway, once I received my summons the question became: what do I wear? I want to be comfortable, but still want to look put together. So, I created a bit of inspiration for my attire today. I figured it would be important to layer on top, since I am not sure what temperature the room will be (and in Florida, it could be close to freezing with the air conditioning. You never know!). A watch might be useful, as I’m pretty sure my iPhone will have to be packed away. A roomy tote will definitely be along with me, as I’ll be bringing along a book to read as I wait. And of course, my nerd specs from Warby Parker…to make me look smart. Haha!

Ponte Boyfriend Blazer: Topshop // Owl That and More Blouse: ModCloth // Colton glasses: Warby Parker // Color Block Shopper Tote: ASOS // Around the Green Earrings: ModCloth // Moustache Watch: ASOS // Sole Society “Margie” Pump: Nordstrom // Modern Straight Leg Jean: LOFT

Do you have any fun stories to share from when you’ve been called for jury duty? Tell me about them!!! And: what did you wear?


  1. Amanda says

    I’ve never been called in – I’m hoping to avoid it for as long as possible! And, um, that watch is FANTASTIC!

    • Katie says

      This was my first time, and I ended up sitting in the holding room for 6 hours and my number never even got called. Blargh! I was actually curious to see inside a courtroom.

    • Katie says

      I was intrigued to actually see the process, but I ended up not getting called. It might have been better in the end…the trial I might have been picked for supposedly (from what I overheard) was going to take all week, not just one day! They were sitting 12 jurors instead of the typical 6. And now I want to know what it was about…that has to be something big, right?

  2. says

    This is a perfect look for a long day at court. In California, iphones are allowed in courtrooms so long as they are on silent. Good luck and try to enjoy the process if you do get selected 😉

    • Katie says

      Interesting! I think what they said is your phones had to be completely turned off if you went in, but I never got that far…just sat in the holding room for 6 hours!

  3. Debbie says

    LOL. You can wear whatever you want to Jury Duty. I wore what I wore to work that day since I had to head to the office first. I saw people wearing everything from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts!

    • Katie says

      Well, in the end I think you’re right, but the jury summons DID say business casual. That definition is DEFINITELY varied to different people though… 😉 There were people in actual business casual (like me), and there were some guys in ratty tee shirts and sweatpants. There was some cleavage hanging out for a few ladies…and one gal was in a pleather mini skirt. Verrrry good people watching!

  4. says

    I was actually summoned for Grand Jury duty in October! I was lucky enough that there were more than enough volunteers willing to serve on the 6month term for homicide cases that I got to go home before lunch time! Don’t be surprised that you’ll most likely be the best dressed person there! I was just a little bit shocked that they allowed quite a few people to come in ratty sweat pants, tshirts, and tennis shoes. I’m not judging, but the letter did say business casual. And it was cold!!!!

    • Katie says

      Oh my goodness – a 6 month term….ahhh! That would have been interesting… 😉

      And yeah…there were a LOT of outfits that were not appropriate in that room. 3 words: pleather mini skirt. Seriously???

  5. says

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