December 30, 2012

When you hear the phrase “celebrity chef,” I’m pretty sure a few names instantly come to mind. One of those names…at least for me, is Emeril Lagasse. I remember watching Emeril on TV with my mom when I was a teen, and I never tired of watching him throw some spices into a pan and exclaiming, “BAM!”

Not only is Emeril entertaining to watch, but his recipes are also notable. They’re filled with bold flavors and some stand out ingredients. Yet, they are accessible, which is a great thing for the home cook that I am. I like when I’m able to feel confident that I can reproduce a recipe and taste exactly what the chef who created it wants you to taste.

Columbia Street Grinder 2

This week, the group at Sunday Supper is taking on some of Emeril’s awesome recipes. I was lucky enough to have a cookbook sent to me to supply the recipe, and I’m pumped to have a new book to add to my growing kitchen collection. When it came to Emeril’s book Kicked-Up Sandwiches, I was met with an overwhelming number of amazing sandwiches with an extra punch. I feel like sandwiches sometimes get overlooked, but with the recipes in Emeril’s book, they totally shine. I have a number of them bookmarked to make soon (Lemongrass Chicken Bahn Mi? Grilled Spinach and Artichoke Dip Sandwich? YES PLEASE!). I’m also hoping to get my hands on the other book our group received: Emeril’s Potluck! You can’t go wrong.

Columbia Street Grinder 3

But on to the important part: today’s sandwich, the Columbia Street Grinder. It’s a sub sandwich, but with a lot more flavor than the average meat and cheese on bread. You’ve got the contrast of creamy provolone cheese with the bite of spicy ham, salami, and mortadella. And a homemade balsamic-herb vinaigrette for added depth and AMAZING flavor? Yep. The vinaigrette is simple and not difficult to create at home, and I love that you can store it in the fridge for up to a week…why not add it to some other recipes in your kitchen? I’ve already used it to toss a salad. Seriously…make yourself a batch for this sandwich AND for general kitchen use!

Columbia Street Grinder 4

This is definitely not your boring old ham and cheese, and I know that Justin is going to appreciate having a few of them accompany him to work in his lunch bag for a change of pace (with the balsamic-herb vinaigrette in a container on the side to avoid soggy bread, of course). I’m even thinking about adding another twist next time and pressing the sandwich (adding the lettuce afterward or omitting) for a hot grinder with a crunchy bite. Don’t you like it when you can switch things up?

Columbia Street Grinder 6

And what’s even better about today is that I have another copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches to give away! One requirement to win the book is to participate in our Kicked Up New Year’s Potluck #SundaySupper chat tonight (12/30) at 7pm EST…we’ll be talking about Emeril, and we’d love you to join us! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter to win a book via Rafflecopter. If you’re confused on how to use Rafflecopter, here’s a quick video tutorial!

Columbia Street Grinder

Columbia Street Grinder

Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, Emeril’s Kicked-up Sandwiches, William Morrow Publishers, New York, 2012


Four 6-inch loaves Portugese stick bread, or Italian or French loaves

Balsamic-Herb Vinaigrette (recipe provided below)

8 ounces sliced provolone cheese

8 ounces sliced mortadella

8 ounces sliced spicy ham, such as capicola

8 ounces sliced salami

1 large ripe tomato, cut into eight 1/4-inch-thick slices

12 thin onion slices

12 jarred hot or sweet cherry peppers, drained and roughly chopped

2 cups torn green-leaf lettuce


1. Cut the loaves of bread in half lengthwise, and arrange them in a single layer, cut sides up. Liberally brush the bread with the vinaigrette. On the bottom half of each loaf, evenly layer one-quarter of the provolone, followed by one-quarter of the mortadella, one-quarter of the spicy ham, and one-quarter of the salami. Top with 2 slices of tomatoes and 3 slices of onion. Divide the cherry peppers among the sandwiches. Stir the vinaigrette and generously drizzle it over the onion and tomato.

2. In a small bowl, toss the torn lettuce with some of the remaining vinaigrette. Divide the lettuce among the 4 sandwiches, top with the other halves of the bread, and serve.


Balsamic-Herb Vinaigrette

Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, Emeril’s Kicked-up Sandwiches, William Morrow Publishers, New York, 2012

3/4 cup – Just add mixed greens and you’re good to go!


1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp chopped fresh basil leaves

1 tbsp chopped fresh oregano leaves

1 tsp minced garlic

1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper


1. In a small mixing bowl, combine the balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, and garlic; whisk well to mix. Continue whisking while slowly drizzling in the olive oil in a slow, steady stream. Add the salt and pepper, and whisk to combine.

2. The vinaigrette may be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

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Make sure you check out the other amazing recipes from the Sunday Supper group today. AND enter to win a book from them as well (there will be 25 books given away)- increase your chances!

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  5. Renee says:

    Oh my! Now that is one tall delicious sandwich!

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  7. All of these sandwiches have me drooling!

    Happy New Year!

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  9. I really like your idea of doing a hot, pressed version of this sandwich. Yummy yum yum!

  10. Heather @girlichef
    Twitter: girlichef

    Now THAT is a sandwich – YUM! I know I’d love it as-is or pressed…and for some reason I’m craving a good sammie for lunch. Hmmmm… ;) Happy New Year!

  11. Awesome looking sandwich,Katie! Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!

  12. Bea says:

    Wow – that is one piled high sandwich!!! It looks absolutely fantastic! Happy New Year!

  13. Jen says:

    If I could eat one sandwich every day it would be a Hawaiian Toasty: grilled cheese with pineapple and grilled ham. So juicy and delicious, it’s yummy any time of year! Great recipes Katie, will be trying these!

  14. The vinaigrette sounds delicious. I can’t wait to give it a try on a salad.

  15. Wow! This sandwich looks fantastic… I could go for one right now! I had been so much fun getting to know you through your posts the last couple of months! I loved meeting you IRL and look forward to many more fun events in 2013.

  16. Shayla says:

    Straight up grilled cheese and bacon is my fave!

  17. My favorite sandwich is either a chicken philly or a “turkey” cuban. (basically a cuban sandwich w/ all of the veggies but subbing turkey for the meats). And the sandwich must be pressed!

  18. Megan says:

    This is a pretty Sammy Katie!

  19. Mindy Artze says:

    My favorite sandwich is a philly cheesesteak! Yum!

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    Love Emeril! Bam!!!

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    Luuuurve me some sandwiches! Hubby would love this!

  22. Liz
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    Oooh, a tall, delectable sub! The vinaigrette addition sounds marvelous!!! Happy, happy New Year!!!

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    These sandwiches were so delicious, and I LOE the pictures you took!

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    This looks so good! Can’t wait to try the vinaigrette

  26. Now if only there was a way for me to reach in the screen and grab that sandwich to enjoy right now.

  27. Wasn’t this sandwich good to the last bite!! Love your pictures and I can tell by yours that it was probably hard to wrap your mouth around it!! That to me makes a sandwich!

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    I love a nice simple grilled cheese sandwich. Yum!

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    Oh my gosh, now that’s a sandwich. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year Katie.

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  33. I love the largeness of this sammie. It’s full of amazing flavors and looks absolutely delicious. Bam! Happy New Year!

  34. Jeff Young says:

    Awesome sandwich! The dressing is just killer. And, Katie, I just have to tell you that your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Great work!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Jeff! I appreciate it…I’ve been trying to work on my photography in the past few months, and I think I’m improving! :)

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