Casual days with Katie

You may  have noticed that my outfit/style posts have been a bit…sparse…lately.

Honestly: we’ve been working on getting the house unpacked, organized, painted, and all that good stuff. So…I’ve been dressing up my house more than myself lately. My daily attire in the past 3 weeks has pretty much consisted of ratty clothes that I can get dirty/splatter paint on. Not exactly picture worthy.

Every once in a while, I’ve had some days when I’ve gotten dressed. But even on those days, it’s been a bit of “casual Katie” in regard to style. Y’all – sometimes you just need those days. I fully intend on putting myself together on a more regular basis…probably starting next week when the holidays roll around. I guess I should get dressed for family events and such, huh?

Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned that we’ve had some unseasonably warm weather here in Florida (almost around 80 degrees lately, yiiikes), but there have been a few days when we’ve had temperatures in the 60s. That has called for donning a sweater and corduroys. These green cords were a pair I snagged for $24 on clearance at J.Crew last year. Seriously. $24!?!?! I couldn’t believe it, as their original price tag was almost $100. They’re the matchstick cords, and I love the way they fit. They’re definitely a comfortable pair…and if you’re looking for some, there are some colors on sale for $39.99 right now. The construction is done well, and they wash nicely. I’d say they’re worth a try if you find them on sale like I did!

I’m in the place now where I’m mixing my summer clothing in to my fall/winter pieces. This dress was one of my absolute favorites this summer (from Target, no less!), and I wasn’t ready to retire it to the back of my closet yet. If you have a shorter dress and want to winterize it, pop on a pair of leggings, knee high boots, and a long sleeve shirt or sweater. Looks like an entirely new outfit, and appropriate for the fall. Works for me!

Have you had a lot of casual style days leading up to the holidays?


  1. Geek in Heels says

    Haha if these are considered casual, I don’t want to know what you’d think of my daily outfits! (Obvs, this is my trying to say you still look fantastic, even with your ratty clothes!)

    • Katie says

      Lol! Ok, so I should have also included that those days I didn’t really shower/put on makeup…which makes it a miracle that I put on clothes and was seen outside of the house. Lately I just haven’t even wanted to bother with that stuff since I’ve been working on the interior of the house and only leaving briefly to go to the grocery store and such. Hermit = me. Lol!

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