An animal print cake surprise!

So, you know I love a good animal print. And apparently, not just on my clothing!

For my birthday this weekend, my mom created a little piece of art. A little birthday cake surprise, if you will.

At first, it just looks like a regular cake. Nothing to write home about. It’s simple! Simple is good…but wait for the surprise…

Wait for it…

Excitement is building…

Voila!!! A zebra print cake…how incredibly cool is THAT?!?!

And what is even better? Creating this cake is relatively simple (according to my mom). All it requires is two cake batters. She used one chocolate and one white cake, but you could go crazy and choose whatever combination you’d like. I can even envision using food coloring to create a bunch of different rainbow colors in zebra stripe inside a cake. So many possibilities.

She found the recipe over on OodlesOfFun, and basically the process is simple: I guarantee that even a novice baker can do it with great results!

Using a 1/4 cup scoop, you pour one batter in to the center of your cake pan (there were two round cake pans to create this two layer cake), then pour 1/4 cup on top of that of the other batter, right into the center. You shake the pan a little bit each time you add a scoop to  spread out the batter, and it creates the zebra stripes!

You fill each pan to about 2/3 capacity (so the top does not overflow when you bake), and then bake as instructed on the cake mix instructions…or according to the cake recipe you use if you’re making yours from scratch. The process takes a little bit of time since you are only scooping 1/4 cup of cake batter each time, but with this amazing result, it’s worth it I would say! I’m dying to try this recipe out myself when I need to make a cake next!

Have you ever made a cake with a hidden piece of art inside? Tell me about it!


    • Katie says

      I know, right?!?! When she explained it, I was really surprised. I love that anyone can make this – it’s not difficult at all! Right up my alley – big effect for not so much effort (and stress)!

  1. says

    OMG I love your mom. I usually do checkerboard cakes for fun events (in different colors) but this would be a great variation for when I just want two layers or when I want something a little more fun!! I will have to try it!!!

  2. Emilia says

    Beautiful effect, I love the idea. Unfortunately, it seems “Oodlesoffun” is a very selective site: I was denied entrance… But your instructions give a very good idea. Thanks for sharing!

    • Katie says

      Oh bummer – it looks like that blog is now set to private. It wasn’t at the time I wrote the post a few years ago…I am sure there are some other tutorials out there! Perhaps I should write my own…

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