Lucia smiles

I have to share this video with you today, because it is just too funny.

I’ll set it up for you a bit: I had been trying to teach Lucia to “smile” for a few weeks, but I’d given up because she just wasn’t responding to the training. Usually, Lucia picks up new tricks with only a few attempts, so I had been a little downtrodden that I’d failed.

When I arrived home from work one day last week, I quickly realized that Lucia had stuck her nose into the laundry bin again. Darn it! As you might recall, Lucia seems to feel quite guilty when she does something wrong…and she immediately began to diffuse the situation by miraculously remembering how to do her “smile” trick. That punk…

Is it just me, or do I have the most manipulative dog ever?


  1. Jenn says

    That is so cute! I have a yellow lab and whenever we catch her doing something bad she tries to get out of it by being cute and doing tricks we have taught her as well. It doesn’t always work but sometimes I can’t resist her.

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