Links Loved

Happy Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day, everyone! Hope you’re celebrating safely (and having a great time, of course)! Here are some links I loved this week:

This is EXACTLY how I feel when someone sends me an auto-DM on Twitter…actually, the entire What Should We Call Social Media has been cracking me up lately!

And one more, because I can’t resist (and was laughing at it for a few solid minutes): When I think my post is about to get a ton of comments, and it doesn’t…

Light candles with a dry spaghetti noodle – what a clever idea!

Blackberry champagne margaritas. What a classy and fun twist on the classic cocktail…

DIY fruit balloons! How fun for a party!

I MUST try this ombre stain manicure ASAP! It looks so beautiful, doesn’t it?!?!

Tie a bag of vinegar around your shower head to clean it. I didn’t know this trick!

Finally, have you  had the pleasure of seeing Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry playing the spoons to The Black Keys’ song, Lonely Boy? It will make you happy.

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