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I have a strange eating schedule sometimes. Well, stranger than the average person perhaps. Here’s the thing: On the weekends, I love eating a big lunch and then just having a snack sized meal for dinner. Justin and I are known to hit up a local pita place, Chipotle, or a Greek restaurant for a big meal on a Saturday afternoon after doing a bit of shopping. If we’re not having a big lunch, I usually end up requesting an early dinner time. I can’t wait until 8pm to eat dinner; I just can’t do it.

So, what do you do when your husband has to work until 3pm on a Saturday? You look up a good happy hour. Yep – call me an old lady, but I am a big fan of restaurants with a good happy hour or early bird menu.

Justin and I had to run a few errands on Saturday after he returned home from work (aka we had to go to Home Goods to look for some Christmas-related decor). Since neither of us had eaten lunch that day, we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try out the Happy Hour menu at Grillsmith in Clearwater (which runs from 4-7pm every day, and until 10 on Wednesdays). After looking up their menu, we definitely needed to visit!

Grillsmith has a relatively extensive Happy Hour menu, featuring discounted drinks ($5 martinis, $2-3 draft beer, a list of glasses of wine between $3-5, and half price single liquor cocktails), and 6 starters that range between $5-7. Perfection! Justin and I decided to sip on a few cocktails and split a few appetizers as we sat outside on the porch. I opted for a cosmo, and Justin decided on some white wine:

We decided to each select one appetizer to split between the two of us. Justin can NEVER resist ordering calamari when it’s on a menu, so I wasn’t surprised when he requested it as his choice. For $6, we received a full plate of squid with two different sauces (spicy marinara and sesame Thai). The batter wasn’t too heavy; the calamari were a perfect golden brown as well. I had to fight my husband to get my hands (erm, fork) on a few bites for myself! I think he liked them…

When it came to my appetizer choice, I selected the Chicken Gorgonzola Flatbread. It features diced grilled chicken, caramelized onions, gorgonzola cheeze, fresh arugula, and pine nuts (although I omitted those…I’m not a fan). The flavor combination was very tasty! The flatbreads are cracker-thin with a nice crunch; the caramelized onions are balanced with the gorgonzola, and I always love the peppery bite of fresh arugula on pizza/flatbread! I probably could have eaten the entire flatbread myself (plus for $7 it was quite the steal)!

Now…we could have been done at that point (and it was only 6:30pm), but we decided to splurge and order a dessert to-go. We took home their Chocolate Decadence mocha chocolate flourless cake. We downed it during a mini movie marathon consisting of Scream 4 and Captain America…and I forgot to snap a photo of it! However, it was dense, thick, creamy, and definitely decadent…as the name would suggest. And it definitely helped me get over the depression of not taking home this giant stuffed monkey that I found at the store…come on now, every girl needs a life sized stuffed animal, right???

Anyway, there are 6 Grillsmith locations in the Tampa Bay area; if you’re looking for a reasonably priced and tasty happy hour, definitely check them out!

Are you a fan of happy hours/early bird specials? What are your favorite places to frequent for a great deal?

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  1. says

    i am so the same way. i typicall eat lunch at 11am so a late dinner is so not in the cards for me. luckily pq seems to always be hungry so he indulges my odd eating habits.

    that huge stuffed animal is adorbs. we saw a similar one at costco this weekend for like $30. crazytown.

  2. says

    I love a good happy hour. I have never actually tried Grillsmith. I remember when it first opened the reviews were so/so I never felt the need to try it. With those happy hour prices we might need to stop in.

    • Katie says

      You know, I haven’t actually had a full meal there in a while (since after they’ve changed their menu), but the happy hour specials are really nice!

  3. says

    I love the idea of hitting up local spots for an early bird/happy hour menu. Not only is is a fun little casual date out but its affordable. I will have to try to visit our Grillsmith after reading your post.

    ps. I love the Gorilla, you look adorable holding that giant thing… totally giving the little kid “I want” face :)

    xo Teresa

    • Katie says

      Haha! Don’t feel bad – I do the same thing! It’s good for the metabolism…and I hate the thought of going to bed at night with a full stomach!

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