Sunset Margarita Recipe

I love margaritas in any way, shape, and form. Margaritas and I go way back…from my college days at Elon University drinking 99 cent margs at Monterreys, to creating them by the pitcher at home.

I use one and only recipe for my margaritas. Using a pre-made margarita mix is unacceptable. Thankfully, my family’s ‘secret’ recipe is easy, pretty, and [most importantly] delicious.

Don’t the colors just make you think of a sunset? It’s 5:00 somewhere…

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1 can (8oz) frozen limeade

2 cups water

8oz Jose Cuervo Gold tequila

4oz Triple Sec

1 lime

1 orange

Cranberry juice


1. Pour limeade and water into a large pitcher.

2. Add tequila, triple sec, and the juice from 1/2 of a lime.

3. Shake/stir the contents of the pitcher thoroughly.

4. Pour into glasses over heavy ice.

5. Add a splash of cranberry juice, a wedge of lime, and a wedge of orange to garnish. Enjoy!


  1. Dancy says

    Seeing as how his cousin gave us a Jimmy Buffet Margarita Maker as a wedding gift — we will DEF be trying this. Thanks for sharing the family secret. :)


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